News de Virgílio Ferreira

Divulgamos com gosto a Newsletter do fotógrafo português Virgílio Ferreira.

_ The 1000 Words Award;
_ The Catlin Guide – London Art Fair;
_ Modulo Gallery; ArchivoZine;
_ Der Greif FotoMagazin;
_ Ílhavo Cultural Centre;
_ The Empty Quarter Gallery and MA show at University of Brighton Gallery.

_ The 1000 Words Award.
This Award for European photographers is a major initiative in collaboration with “The Other European Travellers”, a project co-ordinated by Coberta Photo and co-organized by Atelier de Visu, 1000 Words and Festival Voci di Foto in partnership with Magnum Photos. It is part-funded by The Education Audiovisual and Culture Exchange Agency under the auspices of the EU Culture Programme.
For more information please click here:

_Catlin Guide, 2013
The Catlin Guide is a limited edition book edited and curated by Justin Hammond that profiles the most promising new art graduate artists in the UK.
The book launch will be on January 16th at the London Art Fair – Art Projects – Stand nº P25.
_ ArchivoZine – Issue 3 winter 2012.
Archivo is a quarterly publication, this issue exploring the theme of Portraiture. Feature with an interview by Olivia da Silva about my recent project.
_ Der Greif Foto Magazin – Issue 6.
Der Greif is a German print magazine focusing on contemporary photography.
_ Wonderland Magazine – an interview about my recent project for the upcoming issue (coming soon).

_ London Art Fair at the Art Projects curated by Justin Hammond, the editor of The Catlin Guide. Stand number P25. January 16 / 20.

_ Solo show “Daily Pilgrims”, Ílhavo Cultural Centre, Portugal, curated by Marcia Carvalho. November 2012 – February 2013.
_ Módulo Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. December / February 2013.

virgilio ferreira-blurred-times

Blurred times

_ MA show, University of Brighton Gallery, UK. September 2012.
_ The Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai, UAE. September/October 2012


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